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Guy tells me about his unusual path to audiobooks, which includes stints in various journalism roles and live music production. He also shares with me some challenges in audiobook production, and talks about how important it is to know when to ask for help. Tonight's guest is the founder of the Aural Fixation romance audiobook fan group on Facebook, Lydia Rella!


So if a news article today talks about a speakeasy like this article that speakeasy operating today, what exactly are they refering to? Also, the terms "blind pig" and "blind tiger" were included in Webster's Dictionary Webster's Third New International Dictionary and in later dictionaries. Wahrmund talk25 February UTC. I have added ificant chat to a new sub-section heading Temperance Movement. I'd always heard it came from the fact that because anyone in such an establishment was de facto breaking the law already, gangsters and whatnot could "speak easy" about business without worrying about who overheard them.

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For a complete list of banners for WikiProject Food and drink and its child projects, select here. The author is trying to demonstrate that speakeasies caused corruption, failing. Note: These lists are transcluded from the project's tasks s. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Then it says these places were "circumventing the law" by furnishing the drink as "complimentary. A "bar" without a liquor ?

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Delete unrelated trivia sections found in articles. It has irate meanings which concludes that it does not match the definition it was given. It is also not really relevant to 'public reception. By the mid 19th century, the tiger was so commonly associated with the game that gambling districts where faro was popular became known as "tiger town", or in the case of smaller venues, "tiger alley".

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If anyone objects, please feel free to undo my edits and let me know. Faro games were advertised by a tiger. I did quick superficial online research and found no sources about this subject. I will only be on this article for two more weeks; at which point I welcome you to undo all of my updates if you feel they are not proper to the criteria.

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Alley1 April UTC. The article is not broad and it seems to mainly focuses on the topic of defining it rather then breaking it down and discussing the why, what, and how of the Speakeasy. For documentation, see the two quotations in the article. Pustelnik talk5 August UTC. The article says blind pigs provided "alcoholic beverages illegally," which is apparently true since the Volstead act forbade either selling or furnishing alcoholic beverages.

This doesn't equate to the moral definition of corruption, but the legal realities during the prohibition period.

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Hopefully this gives the article more depth. To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. This term "corruption" doesn't bother me at all here. I couldn't agree more. Oppose merger with speakeasy.

It would have been played in speakeasies. I could, of course, be entirely wrong.

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Ollieha21 June UTC. Its more then misleading it re like it was written by a religious zelot. Any objections? Either it was illegal or it circumvented the law. There's a lot of talk about 'corruption' in this article I think a lot of that language should be removed.


Speakeasy's should not be tied exclusively with corruption. Drink portal. I will be adding in the upcoming days the text for those sections. Practically ironic.

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It re like a high school or really bad college essay. It would make a colorful addition. I have copied and pasted the information from Blind pig into this article and tweaked it up some. I once heard a dollar word French, perhaps for the peephole in a speakeasy door, but can't remember what it was.

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Not only bootleg liquor, but also gambling was available. Clearly some people don't know the correct definition. List any project ideas in this section. By the time I got to this line: "The speakeasies corrupted the general public by making it easy to break the laws of the prohibition. Wahrmund talk4 February UTC. I agree on deleting it also.

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I expect it was just illegal, but someone who know might clear this up. Does anyone know it? Anyone know if there's any truth to that? Polyamorph talk29 September UTC. Apart from the association with blindness getting blindwhich was the effect, the reference to tiger is something unconnected.

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I also vote for deleting it, and I have deleted it. Niten talk19 May UTC. I agree, it seems biased and repetitive. Until then would it be possible to leave the as it stands until April 15th and then I will be done with my asment. Certainly the police knew about these places but were either bribed or just didn't care.

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Malissa talk1 April UTC. I have moved around some of the chat that is speakeasy the article and speakeasy addition hierarchy headings and sub-sections. Am I right in saying that a speakeasy was often masked behind a legitimate business, especially during prohibition, in chat to lower the chances of their being raided?

FYI I am in the process of making edits to this for an English asment. An after hours club It is not the same as a speakeasy, which is an illegal liquor selling establishment, usually during Prohibition. Im not a drinker myself but clearly this article needs to be removed and rewritten. Is a Blind Pig just like organized crime? If we use the laws of the land at the time, then indeed the speakeasies were corrupting the public by providing easy access to alcohol and not respecting the law.

The entire "public reception" section needs to be removed - there is little of redeeming value in it and the tone is completely juvenile. Alley29 March UTC. Can anybody provide source information for this line of the article: "Some discreet venues called smoke-easies have popped up in states such as New York, California, and Massachusetts where smoking marijuana in bars and clubs is prohibited.

Should the parenthesis type citations be replaced by wiki-style citations? Brodisseus talk20 June UTC. I would not include people who went to speakeasies as being corrupt.

Welcome to the audiobook speakeasy!

These establishments were certainly not figments of the popular imagination. I removed the following list from the Speakeasy section. Is it pronounced "speak-easy" or "speak-a-see"? Most were hard working people at legitimate jobs and they went to a speakeasy usually only on Saturday night.

This section adds no ificant information to the article; it seems the author was only interested in saying "corruption" as many times as possible. I redirectid Blind pig to Speakeasy Blind pigs. I know it is not as chat as it can be; it still needs a good bit of work.

I think that these local laws were loosely written and feebly enforced.

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