Have a board related question or an idea? Please post RP related questions in the relevant section. the parties in Equestria to celebrate the season of love, friendship, giving, kindness, and kinship to all.

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Rules s Stats Art Commissions. The Quick and Dirty Intro! Welcome to Ever After Online! We'll try and answer some of the obvious questions and help you get started quickly with the site. We have a small site focused on narrative roleplay in the My Little Pony universe. We're not here for drama, memes, shitposts or trolls. We're not for everyone, and we're not trying to be.

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Welcome to Manechat! Keep it family friendly and SFW.


And by that I mean it's time for Winter Wrap Up! It's that time of year where we clear the snow out of Ponyville, wake up all the hibernating animals and plant some crops. November 7th - Peace Observance, in the feast at Town Hall to celebrate the coming of winter. We hope to have your assistance again next year!

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Story Contest Rules: Please note the story must meet Fillydelphia's rules for content and it must be an original work. Of course it does. Scores turned in later will get participation badges but won't be considerd for winning places. October 31st - Nightmare Night begins! Now that the event has come to a close, we're going to start deciding who the winner is and award badges to everyone and special ones to those who participated the most. Note: if you ever get personal artwork done at a later date, and want your badge updated, it won't be a problem!

This means from the dawn of the 20th to dusk on the 21st! The event will start on the 20th of March and end on the 21st. What is Green Week?

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Please Register for fillydelphia or. So get your shovel, an alarm clock, and a hoof full of parsnip seeds. When you've chosen the character you would like to have your badge made for, and have the total points sent to me please wait a few days so that all points can be tallied, and compared to each other.

We have a Minecraft Server!

Season 9 our Chatrooms! Please submit your score by the 26th of July.

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Go here if you want to ! Don your delightfully spooky costumes and prepare your confectionary collection buckets, for Nightmare Night Week is upon you!

The chill in the air and the dark silhouette on the moon can mean only one thing, Nightmare Night has once again come to Equestria. The proceedings will begin at Server time on the 16th of October. Points are scored in this event not by spraying the most ponies, but by being sprayed by the most ponies. Yup, that's it. As usual their will be three teams: Weather, Animals, and Crops. Much fun shall be had!

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If your characters don't have a picture yet, hoof it over to Pony Creator and get one or get a quick commission, since your badge would look very silly without one. Hope you like the colour green, and having lots of it all over your face because it's time for Green Week all over again!

Now clean up this mess. Hope you're all done making snowponies and having snowball fights because that snow expires on the 20th and you wouldn't want to get sick from expired snow!

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Sorry about the wait, there was a technical mishap involving some chickens and a several hundered pounds of silk, but long story short the embroider team finished the badges! There will also be a special attraction during the roleplay in Ponyville. November 1st - All Souls Night. Only ponies seen carrying water pistols or wearing a green bandana will be considered participating and anypony else in the same boat is free to open fire! Everypony else who submitted their scores regardless of their placings will receive a ribbon for participation. All participants will recieve badges as well.

This glorious event is a week long mayhem where participating ponies load up their water pistols and chat each other with generous amounts of green dye! The coronation will be held at the Royal Canterlot Palace, and is open to all ponied who wish to attend. When the winners have been awarded, they will recieve their badges. See Twilight Sparkle or any other stand-in staff that may be there in the HUB to get ased to a team, and a mlp. The runner up was none other than Derpy Hooves! The Nightmare Night celebration begins October 31st and runs through November 7th.

The Castle grounds will be open all day to the public, beginning at dawn with a city-wide festival and ending in the evening with a banquet in the Royal Mlp. How do I roleplay Send me a PUB and I'll get back to you if this is the chat. You may submit scores for multiple characters seperately or submit all your points for a single character.

Please submit your scores to Celestia via PUB. Include all the relevent information. Throughout the week there shall be a festival in town, involving games, entertainment, trick-or-treating! The weather factory in Cloudsdale has been working overtime and now Winter has been delivered to all corners of Equestria.

Nightmare Night ! The week lasts from the 31st of October and ends after the 6th of November. It is an exciting day in Equestria as we prepare to welcome a brand-new Princess to our wonderful kingdom; Sapphire Night, Princess of Compassion. Ribbon base deed by SapphireNight. Leave treats out for those who've passed beyond the Veil. If you did not receive one then you did not submit your score orrrrr I lost it in the pile of silk and feathers.

Furthermore, there shall be a contest for the spookiest story! Parties, tricks and treats, and frights abound all week long so don't miss out! This years winner was Falcon Firelight! The work must also be under 7, words. our Chatrooms!

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It's over. Thank you to all the ponies who helped move Ponyville into the next season. Welcome one and welcome all to Nightmare Night in Ponyville! No portions of fillydelphia.

All artwork is copyrighted their respective owner unless stated otherwise. I'm just kidding, hope you had fun this week! Get your candy on, Equestria! Everypony stamp your hooves in congratulations!

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Get out your warm clothes, ice skates, and hot cocoa, because the snow is falling and Hearthswarming is fast approaching. But I don't like green dye!

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That's not really a question but if you don't wish to participate in Green Week that's okay! Winter Wrap Up is over and Spring is officially here! A haunted maze hosted by Ever in the HUB! The maze will be available sporadically during the week so there will be plenty of chances to get lost within!

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From October 31st to November 4th there will be parties, candy, and costumes in all applicable IC rooms as well as a perpetual nighttime state. The pony who gets through the maze the fastest will be given a prize at the end of the week! Anypony is free to stay out of the mlp. Sounds chat fun right? If you haven't returned your team vest yet, please be sure to drop it off at Town Hall. Hightlight For Ponies New to this site! So don your costume and get your candy, but don't forget to make your offering to the Nightmare Moon statue near the forests' edge, or she'll come for you!

Good job Derpy! Get out there and have some fun, but don't forget to give your offering to Nightmare Moon at the edge of the Wilds, or she might come gobble you up! The event will start on the 13th Of July from dawn and end roleplay the dusk of the 19th of July. Slow down there! Just be sure to include all the information for each point. Maze will only be available after server time. The winner shall read their story up on stage for the whole town to hear on the last day of Nightmare Night Week!

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