Although pro-anorexia online support forums and the narratives that occur within them are increasingly the focus of research, none, to date, focuses closely on issues of identity within this online context. Our aim in conducting this study was to examine the presentation of pro-anorexia via an interpretive phenomenological analysis of postings to a pro-anorexia "pro-ana" online discussion forum. Analysis indicates that pro-anorexic identities are normalized and strengthened through the normalization of participants' pro-ana thoughts and behaviors, and the group bond created through sharing a secret identity.

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In other words: If you are 18 years of age or older, you are welcome to register! The claim that the founding mothers of the Pro-Ana Movement wished to keep others entrenched in pathology; to recruit healthy individuals to eating disordered Living is grievously erroneous. Recently, France banned all websites of this genre due to the purported danger of the material encountered on Sites like these to minors. Further, adults have created Pro-Ana Sites with potentially damaging content, and have neglected to exercise prudent care in making such Sites and Forums open-access, with no age criterion for Members.

Project Shapeshift, the brainchild of Narscissa, was originally created as a Yahoo! AnaGirlEmpath wrote the following report on this phenomenon: The Pro-Ana Movement and related Sites have remained a volatile and highly debated phenomenon of our time, most ificantly due to the involvement of minors in creating and populating Pro-Ana Sites. All Forum posts are the sentiments and property of the Author and do not necessarily represent any opinions or endorsements of Project Shapeshift.

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On February 10,Aijin transferred Site Ownership to AnaGirlEmpath, whom is fiercely dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service for Project Shapeshift and our illustrious Community. They may or may not recovery-oriented [and the definition of what exactly "Recovery" means is another point which varies widely in the ED population]. Unfortunately, many Recovery-focused sites are intolerant of sharing about the intricacies of the ED experience. Second, there are those who seek Ana's Path in a Volitional manner.

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Commonly, people seek out Alternative-Approach ED support sites i. Narscissa's brainchild continues to grow, touching the lives of many who walk Ana's Path. Several months after working diligently on the Reconstruction effort, Narscissa transferred Site Ownership to Aijin, who served us faithfully in the ensuing months.

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Volitional Anorexia in this case is defined as one who walks Ana's Path in the absence of obsessive, negative and self-destructive pathology. In order to continue using this website, you will abide by the following rules: For our protection, as well as yours, Project Shapeshift is restricted to persons at or over the age of 18 years.

These are individuals who do NOT have ED's but wish they did; those who strive to attain the extremely thin physique exhibited in long-term anorexics; who attempt to emulate the eating-disordered practices which manifest in AN patients. Once again, Project Shapeshift became a cohesive, thriving Community.

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This is not a place for the faint-hearted, weak, hysterical, or those looking to be rescued. For days, Narscissa, Aijin then known as "Luxt" and several loyal Members worked feverishly around the clock to reconstruct PS1. At the time of the Reconstruction, it was determined that the current server was no longer adequate to support the growing needs of the PS Community, and the search began for a new domain and web host.

I love you all! This is not a place for those who bow to consensus definitions of reality or who believe in the cancerous fallacy that there is any other authority on earth besides their own incontrovertibly self-evident, inherent birthright to govern themselves.

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Understanding this truth is profoundly discouraging. This is the focal point of the condemnation we who walk Ana's Path have faced, from past to present. Please be sure click "Submit" after answering each question! In lieu of the emergence of the highly disturbing Wanarexic Phenomenon, we have moved the material which we feel is of greatest potential risk to those naive enough to pro that Pro-Ana works should be interpreted literally. In April ofAijin created a new site room again, known as PS2.

As time progressed, Aijin found herself more and more immersed in a rigorous routine in her offline life. The term "Pro-Ana" can mean so many different things, and no longer clearly depicts what this Site and Forum are about. You are expected to comply with Staff requests and conduct yourself as the mature, sensible individual you are assumed to be. Promoting other websites is forbidden -- phishing will NOT be tolerated! First-time violators of this Policy will be warned; ana offenses could result in permanent deletion of your.

I am not sure e. Please chat this in mind when viewing original works posted here. Beware Media hype! A picture of a parent's ID which shows their ature is required as well as the permission form. A dismissal of this sense of futility can be profoundly Healing!

Pro ana chatroom

Narscissa moved PS1 to a private server, plagueangel, where content could be safeguarded and the Project Shapeshift Community could flourish without undue censure. Once Ana [or any other personification -- very common in ED circles in conveying the 'ED Voice' -- yes, in ProRecovery circles, too -- "Ed" being most common] has awakened within, She can never be silenced; never be exorcised.

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There are no victims here, and maturity is measured in the acceptance of personal responsibility, not the of birthdays survived. They are here to ensure that everyone has a safe, sane environment within which to express ideas, opinions, values, and etc. It is critical to understand, however, that there are ificant benefits to Sites like ours, and that a mature, responsible approach to the Pro-Ana Movement has actually SAVED LIVES, promoted Healing and Balance along the Journey; enabled those seeking Optimal Wellness to unite and develop strategies to avoid the pitfalls, risks and complications associated with restrictive ED behavior.

We do NOT support the advocacy of pathology! Wanarexics have embraced these creative works as literal tenets for "how to become anorexic. Please tell us about YOU! Each Question must be submitted individually I know; it sucks. Be aware that such material may not reflect our current position on any issue.

I spent a week undercover in a pro-anorexia whatsapp group

When one searches for accurate, informative, constructive or otherwise positive reports regarding Pro-Ana, one finds a profound pro of quality content. We at PS believe that this is a stifling and alienating room and offer a more open, accepting environment for ED sufferers. These atures must match to be accepted. What Is Project Shapeshift? Project Shapeshift saw phenomenal growth; Narscissa's Creation stood out prominently among the Pro Ana Communities which began to surface in remarkable s across the Internet during the height of the Movement in the coming years.

The ing adult will need to provide ature verification to ana forgeries on the part of minors. A schism took place as a result of the ensuing conflict: A group of former PS1 Administrators and Moderators enacted a coup, creating their own separate Site -- furnished with stolen material from PS1 -- and deleting the content at PS1. Narscissa resurfaced after some time away during the coup, and put a stop to the mass-deletion of content when all was nearly lost.

Wherever you are in your Journey, we are here to support you! We were all delighted to once again possess the security of a fully-supported Site with regular backup of content! This prompted AnaGirlEmpath to look for a newer platform to support all Community-related multimedia and the addition of a chatroom, among chat features. With the advent of the Second-Wave Pro-Ana Movement, we have seen a disturbing influx of individuals drawn to PS for the wrong reasons, and a distortion in the general conceptualization of what Pro-Ana is all about.

Thank you to everyone who submitted content!

Chat rooms

This is a place for the elite who, through personal success in their ongoing quest for perfection, demonstrate daily the power and of applying will, imagination, creativity and effort toward meeting their goals. Making derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise hurtful comments about another Member is forbidden! This project took weeks to edit!

In addition, you may NOT remove or copy any content located on this website without the express consent of its Author. Individuals 18 years of age or older who have Anorexia Nervosa AN 2.

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Please share below! Negative attention is always loudest and travels the furthest, and thus positive findings are few and far pro. Narscissa was the first to write of Ana as an Entity in Her own right; which she named "Anamadim. While this Site is public, the Community Forum is a private group; i. This group includes those for whom conventional treatment is inadequate, inaccessible, ineffective or unwanted.

This is a tragedy for the thousands upon thousands of people aided by membership in a Pro-Ana Community. Violation of this rule may result in permanent deletion of your. Recently, with the advent of the Second Wave Pro-Ana Movement, it is with great concern and the onus of room that we as a Community have come to re-evaluate our purpose, intent and priorities.

Individuals who covet pathology; who emulate anorexic behaviors and WANT to cultivate ana celebrate ED's pro themselves aka "wanarexics" : These individuals have taken an historical empowerment motto and twisted its intended meaning to a literal interpretation i. The former are seeking a new approach to living with these insidious illnesses; reaching out when current treatment modalities have failed to help.

Members are expected to treat one another with respect and courtesy. The research is abundantly clear: Yes, minors have created, run and populated Pro-Ana Sites. Moderators of this website are unpaid volunteers. Project Shapeshift has always remained in steadfast advocacy of this approach to the Journey as valid and potentially beneficial. When the ana sustained repeated shutdowns due to the controversy of the Pro-Ana Movement and resultant mass-persecution of the site genre beginning inNarscissa elected to move her Creation to a reliable domain hereafter referred to as "PS1".

None of the former problems at PS1 existed at PS2. We had been through much, but a genuine healing took place. The result is this site, our third home: PS3. The two major definitions of Pro-Ana are based on the two most common populations who embrace the term as an identifying descriptor: 1. This Lifepath is NOT associated with a pathological impetus and is therefore tolerated to a ificant extent by room at large. Old Members began to chat their way home, and new Members were and still are ing every day.

The intended audience for Project Shapeshift is as follows: 1. This is a critical issue -- and rarely, if ever, acknowledged in mainstream articles and even research studies on Pro-Ana. They have offered to donate their time to better this Community, and such altruism will be respected.

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