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My boyfriend is still in close contact with his most recent ex in a way which is troubling me. I feel that by keeping her in his life, he is being slightly disrespectful to me, as she clearly still has some kind of hold over him for him to put up with this. At the heart of the issue, this sort of thing stems from your own fears.

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Are you wondering why on earth he would still be talking to her? What could they possibly have to discuss at this point?!


A major part of communication is simply listening to what the other person has to say. Having to lose that friendship can be equally as hard.

Boyfriend still friends with his ex-girlfriend

Does your boyfriend still talk to his ex behind your back? The truth of the matter is that there will always be residual feelings there. In that case, you both need to evaluate the talking relationship. As mentioned before, relationships can stem from great friendships. This could mean that he wants to spend more time with her.

Then, there is always a chance he wants to date her again. There are other ways to find out this information in a more honest way. He is very open about it and he wants me to meet his ex. It's not necessarily the end of things but you cannot move forward till he boyfriends with the situation at hand.

We are together for a boyfriend. I would suggest resolving this through conversation with your boyfriend. Overall, I would say that people keeping in touch with an ex is normal. Ive had her in my life since then. He might not be upfront about it, but you can still try to figure it out. I know this can be hard, but you have to be fair. Well my boyfriend was talking to his ex and i found out. There is a possibility that he is cheating on you. Then a couple of days or a week later i snooped which i feel really bad about, and he erased all his messages with her and on instagram.

First of all, push the brakes on the relationship. Of course, at the same time, you do need to be aware. I do not think they should talk to their ex if the left them why do they have to talk to them I do not agree he shouldn't be talking to any of his ex it is called respect. There are lots of other rules that you might come up with. I understand him more I think. We set up boundaries and he lied and crossed them. They are to keep the trust strong. At this point, it's fine to talk to your ex, just refrain from getting too chummy because it could dig things up.

Hello Lilly Mine told me 2 months into our relationship he was talking to an ex 2 years ago, oh and by the way I have talking met her or anyone of them. He was married with ex for 15 years and separated for 5 years now. He may want to keep that friendship alive. Depending on the context and frequency, he may just want to get some stuff off his chest.

He double taps and likes her social posts on the regular

Try to avoid jumping to conclusions here. If he was hiding something, he would probably share less with you. We discuss about it, I tell him how I feel. Losing a relationship is hard enough. If you think about it, your exes were very important to you at one point. For the safety of your relationship, it's best that he completely cuts it off with his ex and concentrates on building the relationship you have together.

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This does happen rather frequently, but the intentions may be different. He is like the Bone Collector but with ex;s. But, you have to speak up if the arrangement bothers you. On the opposite end, he could be hiding things. If he and his ex recently broke up, he might not be over her yet. Does he tell you about his conversations with her or invite you to hang out with them? Generally, it just points to the fact that he needs closure.

If you think that your boyfriend texting his ex is getting in the way of your relationship or causing trust issues, you do need to talk to him. I would not advise looking through his phone or drilling him with questions. You need to get his permission or simply discuss the whole situation with him. Just focus on fixing the problem and avoid seeming too controlling.

They talk—often

You do need to keep this in mind. He believes this is just a friendship between him and his ex, but I am not sure what his ex thinks about the relationship. What can I do to trust him again nothing feels the same. The level of openness your boyfriend has with you in this specific situation can tell you a lot about his intentions. They didn't have a good relationship when they were married but after separate, they became a good friend. I do understand their connection is strong because of the long period of marriage.

That should lower the level of concern you have about this situation.

How to deal with your boyfriend still talking to his ex

This is definitely a possibility. Another important detail to consider is whether your boyfriend is open with you about this. Look for s that he is trying to be secretive. I would suggest simply sitting down with him and telling him how you feel.

If your boyfriend is talking to his ex, this can be normal. He could be reconnecting with her for this reason. Again, this is a that he wants to be friends with her. In the meantime, the guide below will help you develop a deeper understanding about why men stay in touch with their exes. In this case, your boyfriend is in a committed relationship and still talks to his ex. We can give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he simply wants to be friends with his ex. There is also the possibility that he simply wants to be friends with his ex. Yes, it's weird, especially if your relationship is new.

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You might not know the answer to this question, which is fine. Simply keep this in mind as you consider the rest of the situation.

They still keep photos of their ex

If you have any evidence, you can bring this up. In this case, girls commonly jump to the conclusion that their boyfriend is cheating on them. Thanks again, your article made me feel better. I was trying to understand and respect their relationship but that made me so disappointed and uncomfortable. Maybe this is creating arguments that are harming your relationship? He might truly enjoy having her as his friend.

There are lots of different reasons why your boyfriend might choose to talk to his ex.

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If one of you makes up all of these rules, somebody is going to be unhappy and feel like they are being bossed around. Once the person gets into a new relationship, things may change a bit though. Your boyfriend could want to hang out with his ex again. And i told him about it, i said why would d u talk to her and hide it from me u know? Your boyfriend might have been really close to his ex before they dated so they may just be resuming that past friendship.

I was willing to meet her, but his ex don't want to meet me. You should also consider how these conversations with his ex impact your relationship. Avoid snooping or destroying any trust that the two of you may have. It makes a lot of sense, especially if this is your first time dealing with this particular scenario.

Try to look for warning s, but try to give him the trust that he deserves. Lots of people do it. It's not a taboo and is certainly not unheard of for exes to be friends. And he has betrayed my trust.


This would violate his privacy and could negatively impact the trust in your relationship. It came to a head on NY Day last week, I had enough of all this found out that one of the ex';s daughters has his phone and that he would be there for her if she needed him Ive been lied to and who knows maybe cheated on Thank you for the article.

They could still be flirting over text.

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By then, most, if not all of the residual feelings you had should have worn off. This is true even when it can be a tricky conversation.

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I followed all the steps. He opens, and he tells me he loves me.

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